Find your screen resolution

Know your screen resolution, width, and height of the display you are using, instantly by only entering the page

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What Is My Screen Resolution?

Your screen resolution is :

Screen width:

Screen height:

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the Screen Resolution Tool?

What is my screen resolution tool is a simple tool to find out the resolution of the display that you are currently using. It saves the time of using your device’s settings in order to know your screen resolution, Know your monitor or device’s resolution as quickly as possible by just entering this tool's page.

You are one of many who use computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices daily . knowing your screen resolution can be useful especially when you find out that your display is not set to the right size of the device.

Why Do I Need To Know My Screen Resolution?

This tool is handy if you are developing a site on your PC, when you need to adjust mobile responsive settings. Also for Gamers, if you are a gamer and you need to know if the game requirements meets your monitor resolution, and maybe you are just curious and you want to know, then this tool is perfect for you.